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How to input an expression


Expressions are very easy to input either using the buttons on the screen or the computer's keyboard.

Example of expressions :
sin(pi/2) + cos(1.2) - ln(7.6)
5^3 - 22
e^2 - 15*log10(100) + 3*sin(1.8)

When using trigonometric functions (sin, cos, tan, asin, acos, atan) be sure to select the corect mode - Radians or Degrees - from the top of the on-screen keypad.


Once the expression has been enetered press the equal button ("=") or the "Enter" key on the computer's keyboard to calculate the result. The result will be displayed in the lower text box.


Once the result has been calculated you can still use operators or functions on it. For example:
- we input and calculate the expression: 5-3.8
- the result is: 1.2
- if, for example, the "sin" button is clicked the expression becomes: sin(1.2)

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