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Descriptive Statistics Calculators HomePage

   Descriptive statistics are used to describe the main features of a collection of data in quantitative terms. Descriptive statistics are distinguished from inferential statistics (or inductive statistics), in that descriptive statistics aim to quantitatively summarize a data set.
Listed below are 20 calculators for the most common descriptive statistics measures applied to a sample matrix or vector.

1. Central Moment Calculator (up to the 50'th order)

2. Correlation Matrix Calculator          3. Covariance Matrix Calculator

4. Geometric Mean Calculator          5. Harmonic Mean Calculator

6. Interquartile Range Calculator          7. Kurtosis Coefficient Calculator

8. Noncentral Moment Calculator (up to the 50'th order)

9. Maximum Calculator          10. Minimum Calculator

11. Mean Calculator          12. Median Calculator

13. Median Deviation Calculator          14. Mean Deviation Calculator

15. Quantile Calculator          16. Quartile Skewness Calculator

17. Skewness Coefficient Calculator          18. Standard Deviation Calculator

19. Variance Calculator          20. Coefficient of Variation Calculator

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